Fight Aging with Foods

Although it’s impossible to actually stop the aging process, I’ve been looking into ways of slowing that process down. I may have retired, but I don’t want to be past it just yet! I’ve been doing some research into what I can do to maintain good health as I get older and I’ve discovered that food is one of the keys to fighting aging.


Feeding my body nutritious food has really helped me to feel and to look better. We often remember to take care of the outside of our bodies by having a relaxing foot massage to de-stress for example, or applying moisturizer to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines, but taking care of the inside is equally, if not more important.


I can see when I look in the mirror how my body has changed over the years. Skin sags where it never did before, and everything is heading south! But I can also feel the difference in how it works too. Food doesn’t taste as good as it used to and chewing with my dentures can be a real pain, literally, and that’s just some of the things I’ve experienced.


While I know what I should be eating – lots of fruit and veg, some lean protein, whole grains, healthy fats and a lot less salt, I haven’t always stuck to the guidelines. Nevertheless, I’ve been doing some research about what I should be including in my diet to fight aging and here is what I’ve discovered.




Lots of water. I find it difficult to drink enough, but apparently, many older people are dehydrated and that makes it hard to think clearly, to tolerate heat and to fight off fatigue. Now, I carry a water bottle everywhere with me and keep topping it up throughout the day.




All berries are full of antioxidants which are great for minimizing the cell damage that results in premature aging. I try to eat a handful with my breakfast, either with yogurt or on their own.




I used to suffer from constipation quite regularly, but now I’ve included more fiber in my diet that’s no longer a problem. I eat more whole grains, legumes and vegetables now, and as an added bonus I’ve found that my blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are lower so my heart is healthier. Since fiber also helps in controlling blood sugars, hopefully, I won’t develop diabetes.


Oily Fish


Salmon, sardines and mackerel are all great for preventing strokes and heart disease since they are full of Omega 3 fatty acids. I eat two portions a week.


Olive Oil

olive oil

Instead of using butter and vegetable oil for cooking, I’ve switched to olive oil since apparently, it can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body.




Many older people are at risk of bone loss, but the calcium in dairy products help to prevent the problem. I try to eat a pot of yogurt each day for breakfast.


Red Wine


Yes, my new regime isn’t all dull! I can have a glass of red wine a day since it may lower bad cholesterol while easing blood pressure and lessening blood clots. Who said being healthy is boring!