Saturday Morning Routine

For Christmas last year I was given one of the best presents I’ve ever received – a foot massager. I can’t even express to you how wonderful it was! There is nothing more relaxing than coming home at the end of a long day of shopping, working or walking and just putting your feet on a soothing massager and letting all of your cares and worries float away.


So, over the last few months, I developed a kind of routine – I didn’t plan it, it just sort of happened. Every Saturday morning, I would get up after a nice long lie in, make myself a cup of tea, and then sit down in the living room in my cozy chair looking out into the backyard, and put my feet on my foot massager while I read the latest mystery novel. Pure heaven!


Unfortunately, disaster struck a couple of weeks ago. I got up, as usual, made my morning cup of tea, got out the foot massager, picked up my favorite novel, sat on my comfy chair and…. Nothing!


My trusty foot massager was broken!


I have to admit, I was a lot more devastated than I should have been – there’s nothing so disappointing as having your routine disrupted! So, I had to get on with my Saturday without my regular foot massage, and it just wasn’t the same.


So, that evening, I decided that it was time to look into buying a new one. I began doing some research right here about the best kinds to get.


Some of the things I discovered I had to look out for were:


Massaging action type – the massaging action is key to choosing a foot massager since it is the way in which it loosens the muscles. Vibration machines are great for use on sore muscles which are very sensitive while Shiatsu machines kneading the muscles for a deeper experience. There are also Tui Na massage machines which lift and rub the meat as well as reflexology machines which stimulate particular areas of the foot to help other parts of the body. Some machines combine more than one type of massage for a more versatile experience.


Size – I need the massager to be large enough to fit my feet, but I also need to store it conveniently, so I need the model to be compact.


Extra features – many massagers include features such as heating elements which can help to prevent cramps and to loosen the muscles. Some offer a facility to adjust the intensity of the massage while others have calf massagers and others use water to invigorate the feet.


In the end, I narrowed it down to just two models from Massagers Pro:


Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

Brookstone Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

This is a high-end product which has a focus on reflexology style massage. Measuring 13” x 17” x 9”, it is compact enough to use in my home, and it is also very portable having a carrying handle as well as an inbuilt cord wrap. Even better, it’s possible to remove the material which lines the feet using the zippers so that it can be cleaned for better hygiene. The controls are user-friendly and are well placed for easy adjustments.


Providing massage for the sides, top and soles of the feet, it offers a much more complete experience, with automatic rollers which knead the feet deeply, working on particular pressure points for stimulating blood flow. It also features air compression massage which has a squeezing sensation to ease tension in the muscles. The integral heat settings also help in relaxing the muscles. With 3 different programs to choose from, this is a versatile model, although the downside is that it isn’t very comfortable for anyone with wide or large feet.


OSIM uPhoria Warm

OSIM uPhoria Warm

This versatile, high-end model has 8 programs and 5 different massage actions. It is packed with great features including the ability to perform tui na massage which combats aching muscles while increasing circulation and alleviating pain. There is a roller massage for the soles of the feet and a vibration action for improving circulation. There is also an inbuilt heat option. The different programs allow for different massages for different purposes including a high heels program, a toning program, and energize program, a sleep program, a relax program, a sports recovery program, the senior program and the reflexology program. Unfortunately, the downside of this model is that it is quite complicated to use and is also quite bulky so may be too big for my home.


In the end, I decided to go for the Brookstone model. Its portability and compact size swayed me in its favor. I can’t wait for next Saturday to arrive so I can get back into my routine! Next time I’m also going to get a massage chair! I’ve been looking at the ones here: